Formwork Modeling

Our Formworking Modeling process enables faster, more accurate formwork placing—and a more cost-effective construction schedule.

Through design analysis and cohesive drawing standards, our Formwork Modeling service helps formwork contractors quickly proceed to the construction phase, with far less manual work.

By creating a digital model with detailed constructible information, formwork contractors can accurately specify materials and costing, eliminate clashes on site, and improve communication between project teams.


Why Model Your Formwork?

Formwork is one of the most labor-intensive, expensive, and time-consuming phases of construction. With increased pressure to complete projects on budget, within compressed schedules, rethinking how formwork is planned can help contractors meet modern project demands.


Through formwork modeling, all reports and drawings are generated from the model, so any changes are automatically updated to all documents.

This significantly reduces the risk of human error compared to manual, disconnected 2D workflows, which often lack current information regarding the structure and can lead to errors and guesswork.


Benefits of BIM Formworks

Easily detect potential clashes and other design issues, saving time and money

Better planning and scheduling of the works through a more transparent, collaborative process.

Generate precise material orders direct from the model, enabling accurate bids at tender stage.

Automatically report pour plans and construction quantities.

Reduce RFI requests and the potential for error by giving project teams access to the 3D model and up-to-date documents.

Ensure that construction work is progressing as planned.


Our formwork capability

Our design engineers work with all global standards—for all formwork material (inc. aluminum, steel, timber, plastic, fabric—and can submit directly to the design consultant for approval.

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