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Our BIM scanning service offers major operational cost savings for as-built construction projects.

Through LIDAR scanning and site surveys, we process all of your building’s as-built architectural and engineering data into a live, collaborative 3D environment—offering greater schedule efficiency, and fewer costly issues on site.

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Why Scan As-Built Projects to BIM?

BIM models are usually created during the design phase, when information is incomplete. This can lead to outdated or fragmented as-built models once the project is operational.

Our Scan to BIM workflow quickly and accurately builds a precise dataset to show all of your building’s as-built engineering assets in a collaborative 3D model, creating as a single source of truth for all existing project information. photographs.


Manually rectifying the model is a laborious process, involving multiple site visits and stitching together information from manual measurements and

All of this eats up valuable time, budget, and resources—and that’s before you account for any human errors made along the way.

Benefits of Scan to BIM

  • Fewer errors when planning future renovations.
  • Reliable floor plans in a modern, standardized format.
  • Quality assurance, allowing you to compare progress to planning at every stage.
  • Off Site inspections, reducing the need for travel with no impact on the quality of the assessment.
  • Protect nearby buildings and structures during construction through schematics of their utility works.
  • Facility Managers can make efficiency improvements by reporting faults and reducing their building’s carbon footprint.
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How it Works

Our 3D scanning service generates precise as-built drawings of your vessel, offshore structure, terminal, or refinery. This process generates seamless documentation for any future modification or upgrade projects, allowing you to access as-built architectural and engineering data in a live, collaborative 3D environment to optimize your facility.


Site visit to understand the project and plan the scanning.


Execute the LIDAR scanning (often called data processing)


Quality control.


Process the as-built data in your BIM model.

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