Design Engineering

Naval Architecture

Our naval architects ensure your new ship performs to the highest standard—while protecting you from expensive (and preventable) mistakes during the build process.

Naval Architecture

We verify each aspect of design in line with both the owner’s requirements and expectations—as well industry class regulations and the shipbuilding contractor’s capabilities.


  • Stability Assessments
  • Deadweight Surveys
  • New Ship Building
  • Stability Booklets
  • Inclining Experiments
  • Mooring and Towing Analysis
  • Longitudinal Strength
  • Tonnage and Freeboard Calculation
  • Life-saving Appliance and Fire Fighting Arrngements
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Many of our marine engineering clients are required to meet strict Ballast Water Regulations to reduce the spread of aquatic invasive species and protect global biodiversity.

We offer comprehensive and cost-effective engineering solutions for Ballast Water Treatment Systems (BWTS) that meet both USCG regulations and IMO regulations.

Our highly qualified team of Marine Engineers, Piping Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, Naval Architects, and Structural and Electrical Engineers are experienced in all areas of BWTS design and engineering, as well as foul and sediment management.


Our marine engineering experts can design and engineer offshore platforms for the oil and gas industry, with deep expertise in all structure types, including Fixed, Self Elevating, Semi-submersible, TLWP (Tension Leg Wellhead Platform), Drillship, and FPSO Monocolumn rigs.

Our services include:


  • Offshore Platform Design
  • Piping and Plant Layout
  • Rigging
  • Feasibility Studies

Our 3D scanning service generates precise as-built drawings of your vessel, offshore structure, terminal, or refinery.

This process generates seamless documentation for any future modification or upgrade projects, allowing you to access as-built architectural and engineering data in a live, collaborative 3D environment to optimize your facility.


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