Design Engineering

Plant and Process

Effective design and engineering is critical to the output of your plant facility.Our in-house plant specialists are experts in designing high performance layouts and engineering systems for a range of industries, including water treatment plants, power plants, and renewable energy plants.

Our goal is to ensure that your facility operates at its highest sustainable capacity—balancing your financial investments and operating costs, while achieving the desired production quality and quantity.

Design Engineering

Renewable Energy Plants

We can design and engineer district hot water plants, all to the required local standards. Through 3D scanning we're able to digitize as-built assets, including water pipes, allowing us to optimize the configuration and ongoing maintenance of local pipe networks.

Our specialist team can design both air-cooled and water-cooled chilled water plants to any country’s standards, and as per specific district requirements. As with our hot water plant design, we can model and optimize all pipe networks in 3D.


Our specialists can also design highly efficient and environmentally friendly boilers, steam turbines, generators, and air quality control systems—an ideal solution for any large production or manufacturing facility looking to optimize their energy usage.


Waste-to-energy plants are growing in popularity as an effective way to burn municipal solid waste (MSW) and convert waste matter—including paper, plastic, and wood—into energy and electricity. JES can design waste-to-energy plants, with 3D modeling to optimize design, construction, and maintenance.

JES has in-house specialists to design and engineer both raw and wastewater treatment plants. Our goal is to help you optimize water production volumes, while minimizing disruption to your existing systems and plant processes.

We are well versed in both load only distribution systems and power distribution systems, offering reliability and deep expertise to maximize the efficiency of your production process.

Our specialists can also work alongside the chosen construction to ensure the installation is in line with the approved designs.

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