Landscaping June 3, 2020

Burj 2020

To accompany the tower’s ground level water features, our scope was to model the plaza’s hardscape stone patterns, stone benches, and irrigation pipelines, along with its lighting, wiring, and other MEP assets. The primary challenge was in meeting the high design and drawing standards, ensuring even the most intricate details of the stone patterns were correctly modeled.

With each stone slab measuring up to three storeys in height, our model had to be of perfect accuracy to ensure the stones and their supporting structural work—buttresses, frames, pins, and other key engineering elements—were cut to the exact dimensions, allowing for the correct quantity of structural materials to be ordered and shipped from the supplier.

By again utilizing the power of our blended resourcing model, our onsite and offshore BIM experts were able to ensure a smooth, fast project delivery, which enabled the contractor to complete the landscape works on time, on budget, and with few construction errors.


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