Design Engineering

Civil Engineering

JES offers integrated civil engineering services across a range of industry verticals.

Through expert engineering analysis, we help architects and specialist design teams create accurate, buildable design drawings for public and private sector projects.


Civil Engineering

Our specialist team handles all aspects of civil engineering, including land development, municipal engineering, construction management, and construction contract administration.

Our specialist civil engineering services include:

Land surveys

  • Grade analysis
  • Land use surveys & parcels design
  • Earthworks & excess soil management
  • Topographical surveys
  • Underground utility surveys
  • Excavation quantity calculations
Design Engineering

Structural Engineering

Our structural engineers have the skill and experience to guarantee even the most complex structural challenges are met with innovation and rigorous attention to detail.

From small specialty engineering projects to medium infrastructure developments, we are actively engaged at every step to ensure an attractive, durable design—and an efficient construction process.

  • Roadway geometric design
  • Traffic engineering services
  • Junction/intersection design
  • Road alignment design
  • Grading optimization design Road material quantification
  • Dam design
  • Storage reservoir design
  • Canal design
  • Culvert design
  • Sewage system design
  • Potable water system design
  • Arch bridge design
  • Beam bridge design
  • Cantilever bridge design
  • Suspension bridge design
  • Cable-stayed bridge design
  • Truss bridge design

Highway and road design

Water design

Bridge Design

Function meets form

We pair beautiful aesthetics with human functionality to exceed our clients’ expectations.

We start each project by understanding the specific constraints and the desired design approach, and then provide multiple structural concepts, testing each iteration to ensure the designs are structurally feasible for the contractor.

Throughout the project, we collaborate closely with the project team to ensure the structure is built smoothly and in accordance with the agreed design—offering close attention to detail and clear coordination throughout.

Meeting modern standards

We offer a deep understanding of industry regulations, safety standards, and local approval processes, and work closely with design teams to achieve the desired architectural expression—all to the local building code and material standards.

Through our blended resourcing model, we’re able to offer clients a cost effective solution to achieving fast project speeds, pairing local on-site experts with offshore digital specialists.

In depth design analysis

We use the latest BIM technology to create accurate and reliable structural simulations, before generating reports, schedules, and drawings to inform a rationalized design. These simulations mean we can rapidly explore design iterations—creating sustainable, efficient structures, accessible to the whole team in a user friendly model.

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