GIS Modeling

Geospatial Information
Systems (GIS)

Our Geospatial Information Systems (GIS) optimize the design and ongoing maintenance of utility and infrastructure projects.

Our collaborative 3D models create a single source of truth to show where critical services are located—enabling live information sharing and real time collaboration, while eliminating paper workflows.

Large-scale utility projects

GIS Mapping for Utilities

For large-scale utility projects, ongoing maintenance often costs far more than the initial construction budget.

By digitizing as-built assets, our 3D GIS mapping helps utility companies optimize the configuration of their utility networks to reduce ongoing costs and avoid lengthy network downtime.

If you’re looking to expand or modify your utility or service network, GIS mapping can also be used for simulations. For example, if additional electrical lines or water pipes are needed, what will need to be altered or avoided?

Our capabilities include:

  • Existing utility network analysis
  • GIS model and database creation
  • GIS model maintenance
Land Management Solution

GIS for Land Management

Our GIS service also offers the perfect land management solution for planning new developments.

By digitally recording each plot’s as-built data, you get instant access to all information about the land, —including utilities and service information, property lines, historic ownership records, usage, structures, and more.

GIS for land management acts like a digital land registry, making critical project information easily accessible—enabling accurate planning, smarter decision-making, and more efficient projects.

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